The Greenman Group

Our Group consists of several separate companies who create and provide products and services to companies and consumers across the world within five business divisions: Financial Services; Real Estate; Utilities; Resources; and Networks.

The Greenman Group has combined the German “Mittlestand” ethic with a relationship-driven approach to build and nurture communities that invest in, occupy, interact, or communicate with any of our Group companies, for long-term mutual benefit.

Our Companies

Each company in the Group is connected by a series of fundamental values that define the people who work for the Greenman Group. People who are connected by their willingness to trust themselves, learn from and adapt to almost any situation. People who commit the extra effort needed to achieve extraordinary goals, and people who are considerate, fair, equitable and balanced.

The Group is proud of these communities, our responsibility to, and our place within them. We only take decisions after the possible consequences to all in these communities have been carefully considered.

Educating ourselves about new and innovative technologies is a priority. We enjoy considering how these technologies can be moulded to improve efficiency and performance. We relish the opportunity to provide sector-defining leadership, gaining advantage from the adoption of new technologies while supporting initiatives and enterprises that will benefit all sector participants in the long-term.

We are acutely conscious of our obligation to advance sustainability and sustainable investing as we transition towards a cleaner, greener, and fairer society.